Another little post on the importance and advantages of having a website for your business and the obstacles that are involved in building one.

I was at a marketing networking group recently and a surprising number of members likened themselves to the shoemaker’s children who always had no shoes.

What they were referring to was the fact that, despite having a business, they had not gotten around to building a website for themselves. Let me tell you — if you’re running a business and you have no website, you are wasting time and losing money.

Losing Time & Money
You’re “wasting time” because a website can answer frequently asked questions, qualify customers, show your work, etc. instead of you taking the time to do it. More importantly, you’re “losing money” because every day people are basing their buying decisions on how much information they have on one vendor versus another. Okay maybe not EVERY day, but if your potential customers can’t find your website and your competitor has one…well, you do the math.

Getting Started is the Hardest
Back to those shoemaker’s children, we’ve found that the hardest thing about building a website is “starting.” Specifically, planning it and writing it. The solution is simple: Hire a web design company that can ALSO do the planning and writing for you!

Shamless Plug Dept.
Excuse me, what? Excellent question. Thanks Mom. YES! We do that here at Fresh Concentrate. We plan navigation and write content as well as design. And if you DO have a website, make sure that it looks great and better than your competition. Remember, the more professional your website looks, the more you can charge!