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Oh No! Networking!

Aside from helping clients with their marketing needs at Media Hounds, I also teach design at SUNY | Fashion Insitute of Technology. I like to give my students occasional career advice. One of the things I’ve noticed among the young… Continue Reading →


Sometimes, we just need a break. If you’ve been doing something for a long time, it’s easy to get exhausted, burned out or even disillusioned. A growing idea in business is taking sabbaticals. Sabbaticals are different from vacations in that… Continue Reading →

08.15.18 | Scaling Up

How do you take your business and grow it? If there’s one person who knows the answer to that question, it will be Alejandro Crawford. Alejandro was the managing director of The Acceleration Group, teaches entrepreneurship at 5 different colleges… Continue Reading →

Life Lessons

Life Lessons from Steve Jobs, Deepak Chopra and Eddie Murphy (Yes, Eddie Murphy) I was at a children’s birthday party over the weekend, and a friend I only see once a year (at this birthday party) asked me “So why… Continue Reading →

06.06.18 | MWBE Opportunities

Government agencies and many large corporations are required by law to alot a certain number of their contracts to minority/women owned businesses (MWBE). This panel discussion will talk about how to get government help, becoming a certified MWBE and securing… Continue Reading →

05.23.18 | Sales Stardom

We are proud to present Howard Berman who recently authored a book The 29 Natural Laws of Sales. Join us for this in-depth conversation on how to bring business in the door for your company! During his career, Howard has… Continue Reading →


What You Believe Matters. While we all think that our minds decide for us when and what we buy, it is often our heart that makes the real decision. We are emotional creatures and we all have principles and beliefs… Continue Reading →

Places to Work

Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2015, and being an entrepreneur is more fun than ever! One of the reasons for that is because of computers and the internet. Many of us work from our laptops often from home. But sometimes,… Continue Reading →

Love & Your Business

I always talk about how business is all about relationships. How having great relationships with your clients is key to having a great business. But there’s another kind of relationship that’s also key. Many of us become entrepreneurs because we… Continue Reading →


“In Okinawa, Honor Very Serious Business!” In case you’re wondering, that’s the line Mr. Miyagi gave Daniel in Karate Kid II when trying to explain why they were going to have to fight some bad dudes to the death. I… Continue Reading →


Can Charisma Be Learned? While exploring some of the forums on TED.com, I came across this question. It was intriguing because I felt that as an immigrant teen of 14, I took the opportunity to try to “curate” my personality… Continue Reading →


How to Market Your Business on Facebook This may be a heretical thing to say but I don’t believe Facebook marketing works. Okay, just so I don’t draw the ire of social media experts everywhere, I will qualify that statement…. Continue Reading →


OptionsWay way back in college, one of my design instructors asked us “Who has more power in a negotiation? The client or the vendor?” Most of us said “the client.” Then the instructor gave us the answer which has stayed… Continue Reading →

Do What You Love

As some of you may know, the family and I recently spent a month in the Philippines partly as vacation, but also partly to explore the possibility of opening up an operations office there or find new talent or at… Continue Reading →


The Holy Trinity of Sales Did you ever wish you could guarantee how much revenue was coming in to your business from one month to the other? Well, there are no guarantees in life and business but we can come… Continue Reading →


Serving Our Country Every once in a while I’ll hear someone complain about serving on Jury Duty. Now maybe it’s because I’m a big Law & Order fan, but I love doing it! But I think that if other people… Continue Reading →

eMail Marketing

Better Click Rates for Your eBlasts It seems that nowadays, everyone who runs a business is sending out a regular e-newsletter or eBlast. But truth be told, how many of them do you actually read? Or turn it around, how… Continue Reading →


How About a Hug? In this day and age, it’s easy to get lost in our hyper-connected, ultra-technology filled lives. Once in a while, it may be a good idea to reconnect with folks the old-fashioned way…by cellular phone. I… Continue Reading →


How to Be Happy Not sure if I got this from the New York Times, CNN or TED. But the formula for getting out of the doldrums and feel better in general is as follows: 1. CONNECT – invest time… Continue Reading →

Lead Your Clients

Though I usually have an unlimited Metrocard to use on the subways and buses, every once in a while when I’m having a really hectic day, I like to treat myself to a little TLC. In other words, I take… Continue Reading →

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